Mobile Credit Card Processing: How Roofing Companies Benefit


Roofing is a highly demanding job that requires a lot of physical work in often less than ideal weather conditions. At TransNational Payments, we recognize that roofing companies and their contractors work hard for their money, and our goal is to make their daily lives easier by providing tools that simplify payments. One such tool is mobile credit card processing. Here’s how your roofing company will benefit from it:

Flexible Access

Low slope, steep slope, flat or sustainable — each roof demands a unique approach. Combined with individual preferences of those who live or work under them, every job requires the roofer to be flexible, and not just in a physical sense. Mobile credit card processing provides that flexibility by letting contractors generate invoices and take payments on-the-go, no matter if they are on the ground or looking down from the bird’s-eye-view.

Balanced Features

Keeping balance is important for the safety of roofers, so we are taking the same approach to mobile credit card processing. With our mobile turnkey point-of-sale solution, you get just the right amount of features. Whether you want to track inventory, get business insights or access customized settings, it’s all available to you straight from our mobile app anytime, anywhere. The best part is that updates made on one device can be instantly synced with the rest, meaning that no matter where every contractor is, it still feels like they are all doing business under the same roof.

Watertight Security

It’s much easier to install the material correctly the first time, than have to come back, inspect the damage, do a cost estimate and work on repairs. Mobile credit card processing is very similar — we have security features in place to stop fraud immediately. With our PCI and EMV compliant technology, you can be confident in the safety of all your transactions.

TransNational Payments keeps a watchful eye on the constantly evolving payment card industry. Contact us for the latest and greatest in mobile credit card processing.

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