3 Ways to Accept Payments at Your Chiropractor Clinic

Chiropractor looking at an x-ray of a patient's spine

Are payments proving to be a real pain in the neck for you and your patients? Does the prospect of payment fraud send chills down your spine? Then it’s time to talk about better ways to process transactions at your chiropractor clinic. Credit card processing solutions from TransNational Payments are designed to help you spend less time on managing your transactions and more on treating your patients, without sacrificing security or convenience. Let’s look at three ways you can accomplish this:

Simple Recurring Billing

Back or neck pain doesn’t magically disappear after one physical exam. In fact, many cases require a treatment plan tailored to each patient’s condition and goals. Since this plan typically involves multiple visits, it’s in both your and your patient's best interest to make the whole experience as seamless as possible. This is especially important when it comes to payment processing, since it can be one of the biggest friction points during those visits.

If you want to save time and have one less responsibility to worry about, consider recurring billing. This online payment gateway feature allows you to enter your patient's credit card or bank account information once and then simply have payments be withdrawn automatically each time your patient comes in for their scheduled appointment. With recurring billing you and your patients no longer have to worry about late bills — the payment gateway lets you select your preferred payment frequency while safely storing all sensitive data in a secure customer vault. 

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Online Payment Processing

If you prefer a more manual approach but still want to enjoy all the safety and convenience aspects of online payment processing, consider a virtual terminal. This tool works just like a regular credit card terminal, except instead of purchasing a stand-alone device you can use any desktop or laptop connected to the internet to accept payments.

With TransNational Payments you can process credit cards online, by entering your patients' payment information within our secure payment gateway, or offline, by swiping or dipping credit cards using a simple card reader that plugs directly into your device. But your options aren't limited to just that — you can also search and manage transactions from one place while using a variety of parameters to gather insights and better understand your cash flow.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Sometimes your patient’s condition makes it difficult for them to visit your chiropractor clinic. In that case, you may have to go to them. With mobile credit card processing solutions you can easily take your payments anywhere — simply connect one of our mobile EMV card readers to your smartphone or tablet, and our iOS/Android mobile app will help you complete the transaction in just a few simple steps.

Thanks to their speed, mobile payments let you complete transactions in mere seconds and effectively reduce the wait time at the checkout, which can give your customer satisfaction a big boost. They also come with diverse features, ranging from paperless receipts to real-time transaction reporting, and, best of all, cheaper prices compared to many other credit card processing solutions.

Just like with spinal injuries, a series of small adjustments to your payment processing can go a long way in terms of reducing stress in your daily life. Discover how TransNational Payments can put you in a better position and always have your back when it comes to credit card processing.

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