3 Options for Payment Processing at Your Dental Practice

Black and white dental chair in an exam room

Between scheduling appointments, filing paperwork and coordinating staff, operating a dental practice can get stressful. Add to that the responsibility of selecting the right treatment and procedures for your patients, and the last thing you want to worry about is how you and your colleagues will get paid.

Fortunately, there are effective options for payment processing at your dental practice that can give everyone something to smile about.

Credit Card Terminal

A credit card terminal is a stand-alone device that enables your patients to pay with their credit or debit cards. It’s a very common option in dental practices today — in fact, you may have one at your reception area right now. But do you know if it’s EMV-compatible?

EMV, a standard behind chip cards, is a must for all businesses that want to enjoy secure payment processing and avoid liability for fraudulent transactions. When it comes to your dental practice, security is key, especially considering all of the confidential patient information you handle daily. This one-time upgrade is simple and can protect your payments for years to come.

Mobile Payments

It’s 2018, so why should you be stuck at the front desk when processing your patients’ co-pays? Give your staff and your clients the flexibility of mobile payments! Avoid lines and save time between appointments by accepting transactions anywhere at your practice. All you need to get started is a mobile device, a card reader and a mobile app that lets you perform, save and manage transactions from the palm of your hand.

Recurring Billing

Payment processing is not hard, as long as you approach it smart. If you have patients visiting on a regular basis, there’s no need to request their credit or debit cards each time a payment is due. Instead, ask them if they want to enroll in recurring billing. If they agree, you can use your payment gateway to select the transaction amount and the frequency of withdrawals. This is a great way to give your patients an excellent visit experience and help your practice achieve steadier cash flow.

Don’t let your current payment processing make a dent in your dental practice — experience payments made simple with TransNational Payments!

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