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Bitcoin? What is it? Should You Accept It as Payment?

Bitcoin is a cyber currency developed for simplified online transactions. There is not a lot of data that really supports the use of bitcoin over credit and debit card processing.

Bitcoin is usually very inexpensive and quick to process however the value of this cyber currency is constantly fluctuating. Bitcoin also has a great level of theft and hacking potential. Learn about the pros and cons of bitcoin before you accept it as payment.

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Restaurants Going Mobile

The restaurant industry is undergoing changes with mobile payments. So far 43 percent of restaurants have mobile payment options such as tablets and mobile pay apps. About 25 percent of restaurant owners who don’t offer mobile payments say they would like to implement these items within the year. Twenty percent of consumers are actively using smartphone apps to pay for their meals and 39 percent said they would take advantage of such offerings.
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What You Need to Know About Merchant Services

Relating to merchants directly, there are some things you need to keep in mind as you’re signing up for a new credit card processing or merchant services provider. Among the top of the list, transparency is still the hot topic issue when it comes to financial institutions. Very rarely do consumers of any kind fully understand the terms and conditions of their agreements. See what other ways you can protect yourself, your investments, and your business.
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