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Getting the Most Out of Your Business Credit Card

It’s reasonable for a new business owner to be skeptical about acquiring a business credit card. While it can seem unnecessary and potentially risky to have one, there are a plethora of benefits that come along with business credit cards. Business owners can easily improve their line of credit and keep their online finances organized as a result of owning a business card. In addition, the risks of credit cards are minuscule compared to some business loans that require the fortification of valuable assets. Learn how you can optimize your business with a company credit card.

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4 Efficient Data Security Tips for Small Businesses

Forward-thinking business owners should always keep security as a top priority. Recent studies show there has been a 23 percent increase in company security breaches. On average, companies will spend $3.7 million on security and fraud damages. Acquiring an EMV terminal is good step to prevent security breaches and protect your business’ reputation and revenue.

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Making Shopping Personal With Big Data

The traditional marketplace has been rapidly changing. Fortunately, small business owners can still make an impact in an overwhelming and noisy digital environment. Big data doesn’t just refer to the personal information of consumers. It entails using sales trends, consumer behavior, demographic and intuitive information to make an impact with one’s sales strategy. Companies are making bigger investments to acquire data in order to increase the perceived value on their products and services.

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