What Is Your Payment Processing Superpower?

Batman standing with a clenched fist

Merchants have a lot on their plate: managing time and money, searching for right employees, maintaining an online presence, developing growth strategy — the list goes on. With so many responsibilities requiring their attention, they might as well be superheroes.

Everyone knows that a superhero needs a superpower. So when it comes to payment processing, which one would you pick?

Supersonic Speed

What do Superman, Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog all have in common? They’re ridiculously fast, just like our iOS and Android mobile payment solutions. Connect one of our latest card readers to your smartphone or tablet and accept payments via our intuitive app in just a few seconds. Our devices are also capable of supporting Quick Chip EMV and contactless payments for even greater speed and convenience.

Strong Security

Think Batman’s cave was secure? You just haven’t experienced our credit card processing yet. Keep your business safe with PCI compliance, avoid the burden of chargebacks by upgrading to the EMV standard and strengthen your defenses further with peer-to-peer encryption.

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility for your cardholder data, that is. Make sure to protect your customers’ sensitive information from credit card villains by using tokenization and safe storage in the TransNational Payments’ customer vault.

Seamless Simplicity

When you have superpowers, even the most difficult missions appear simple. For you that mission is to build a successful and profitable business that you can be proud of. Our simple solutions give you the power to accomplish that by placing everything from inventory management to receipt generation right at your fingertips.

Most of our devices are plug-and-play and come with detailed operating instructions to help you start accepting payments in-store, online or on-the-go. And even if you do encounter difficulties along your mission, our credit card processing experts will always be there to help you out. After all, every superhero could use a sidekick.

Is credit card processing your kryptonite? Contact TransNational Payments to gain the payment processing superpowers you need to succeed!

Become a Payment Processing Superhero