Video Blog: Benefits of Full Service Payroll

Full Service Payroll is a great way to easily run payroll online with a few simple clicks. You just sign up, create your payroll portal and get started. To run a payroll, simply enter employee hours and wages, approve the payroll and your employees are then paid via check, direct deposit or cash. Watch our video to learn more!



Did you know that 40% of small businesses incur IRS penalties due to incorrect payroll filings? And that the average penalty for these mistakes is $845?!

This is where TransNational Payments Full Service Payroll comes in. We offer budget friendly payroll services that start at just $30/month and that includes one employee!

Benefits include:

Unlimited Payrolls: Unlimited payrolls, no matter how many times you run them in one month. Pay a simply monthly rate, choose the pay schedule and run unlimited payrolls online and pay your employees with direct deposit, paychecks or cash!

Free Payroll Setup: Don't have the time to switch your providers? We enter your tax, payroll and employee information into a payroll portal for you.

Automatic Tax Filing: You are guaranteed accuracy with our automatic tax filing and are protected from those IRS fines. Not to mention, those end-of-year filing fees are handled by us!

Free Expert Support: Payroll can be tricky, but we simplify this by offering free (US-based) support via phone, email or chat to help you with every step of the process. 

Convenient Tools: Our payroll solution includes a free employee portal for each employee allowing them access to pay stubs and more. 

Time off Accrual Rules: Create rules to automatically accrue time off for employees and once you set up your company-level rules, you can assign them to employees. Your employees will begin to accrue time off as they are paid.


We strive to provide our customers with affordable, dependable and user-friendly payroll services! Whether you're a newer small business owner, or already established, we have a convenience solution just for you. It's really that easy.