The Cycle of Mobile Payment Processing


Every May, thousands of cyclists across the country celebrate the National Bike Month — an opportunity to recognize and experience the many benefits of riding a bike.

Now you may be wondering what does cycling and mobile payment processing have to do with one another — despite the obvious exterior differences, the two activities have many striking similarities. Here’s how both of them help transform your life and business for the better:

Save Time and Money

Although it seems like we never have enough of either, it’s often a matter of perspective. Take your daily work commute for example — it’s unlikely that rush hour traffic and high gas prices top the list of things you like to be spending time and money on. That’s why you should consider hopping on that bike instead (location, schedule and weather permitting, of course).

In the world of payment processing, mobile payments play the role of a cheaper and more time-efficient alternative. All you need to get started is an iOS or Android mobile device, a card reader and a mobile payments app. Even combined together, these elements still typically come out cheaper than credit card terminals or point-of-sale systems, so your wallet will thank you.

Stay (Financially) Healthy

The need to stay physically fit is a common reason that attracts people to cycling, be it on a stationary device or a serious bike designed for conquering mountains and highways.

Mobile payments, on the other hand, address a different type of health — financial. Since small business owners are often looking for ways to cut expenses (after all, it’s one of the paths to increasing revenue) and saving money with inexpensive credit card processing is a great way to go about it.

But it’s not just the cost of equipment itself that makes a difference in the financial health of your business. Our mobile payments app gives you a full breakdown of your transactions by date, type, amount and users for a full understanding and control of your cash flow.

Benefit the Environment

Last, but definitely not least, is the environment. In this case the benefits of cycling are obvious: when was the last time you heard of a bicycle involved in an emissions scandal? Today, it continues to be one of the most nature-friendly modes of transportation invented.

Although payment processing isn’t usually something considered to have a drastic impact on the environment, those subtle effects that do take place definitely accumulate over time.

Think of all the receipts that are printed only to eventually end up is the trash. With mobile payments this becomes a non-issue. Using a TransNational Payments app, any merchant can easily text or email the receipt to the customer. Faster checkout, less clutter, cleaner planet — everybody wins. 

Just like bicycles, TransNational Payments’ mobile credit card processing solutions come with a variety of options that include both Bluetooth and NFC card readers. See which one is right for you!

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