Spring Break Essentials: Payment Processing Edition

Aerial view of the beach and oceanside road with TransNational Payments logo

Spring Break means sunshine and fun for millions of college students and more business for merchants in hospitality and tourism. Properly preparing is the best way to have a great experience, and for merchants this includes managing payments. As Spring Breakers check items off their travel lists, here are some things to keep in mind about credit card processing essentials:

Prevent Fraud and Chargebacks

Are you a merchant? Then you know that chargebacks don’t go on Spring Break. In fact, if you’re located in a popular tourist destination, you may even see an increase in fraud on behalf of some unwelcome visitors. To prepare your business, first confirm that you are PCI and EMV compliant. This will protect your money and drastically reduce time spent on disputed transactions. Second, make sure you use encryption and tokenization to safeguard cardholder data. Finally, watch out for suspicious behavior, which can often be a dead giveaway during in-store transactions.

Better API

Are you a developer? You may not get to go on Spring Break, but you surely deserve to catch a break once in a while. This starts with using a simpler API. The new payment API from TransNational Payments, called Pi (Perfect Integration) APi, delivers simplicity through single EMV integration; speed due to significantly reduced gateway response time; and security enhanced by 100% cloud-based infrastructure and AI smart fraud management. Less time spent converting protocols means more time on the beach!

Be Your Own Boss

Are you a college student? Not traveling for Spring Break? Fortunately you can still use this time productively and invest in your future. TransNational Payments' new college program, Be Your Own Boss, can help you get valuable B2B sales and marketing experience, so you can strengthen your resume, earn some extra money and position yourself for great career opportunities.

Spring Break may only happen once a year, but the right payment processor can help you feel like you’re on vacation every day. Contact TransNational Payments today!

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