A Path to Simpler Recurring Billing at Yoga and Dance Studios

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Yoga and dance studios are all about teaching new techniques and practices that have positive effects on the mind and body, so the last thing you and your clients want to worry about is payments. Fortunately you don’t have to because TransNational Payments is here to take care of those worries for you. While we have a number of tools that can benefit your business, recurring billing is among the most prominent ones. Remarkably, its benefits have a lot in common with doing yoga or dancing:

Perfect Balance

The ability to maintain your balance is the first step to becoming a yoga or dance expert. Although we can’t promise anyone an exemplary lotus position or an impeccable moonwalk, what TransNational Payments can provide is a balanced approach to payments through the recurring invoicing feature of our payment gateway. The concept is simple and allows you to charge your customers on an ongoing basis without having them make (or risk forgetting to make) one-time payments. This helps your yoga or dance studio achieve a balanced cash flow, while also helping your clients’ monthly budgeting efforts by making payments steady and predictable.

Effortless Flexibility

Flexibility is key when it comes to yoga and dance, so why not make it a requirement for recurring billing? Well, we have! Our solution helps you and your customers spread out payments over time and make them easily manageable. Initiation fee? Expensive merchandise? Special event? Your yoga or dance studio can easily break up the cost of any expense and add it to your client’s monthly installments. We're sure they'll appreciate your flexibility and return the favor in a form of stronger loyalty and retention.

Total Peace of Mind

People turn to dance and yoga to alleviate stress and to find their Zen. Recurring invoicing helps them do that by eliminating concerns about late bills and unexpected fees. It also saves time at your yoga or dance studio by not requiring you to run individual transactions. Bonus feature of recurring billing is the lack of paper receipts and invoices to keep track of. After all, who doesn’t like an environmentally conscious business? 

Clients come to you to enjoy your services, not think about when they'll have to pay for them. See how TransNational Payments can help make your payment processing seamless and calm.

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