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At TransNational our sales teams embody more than flowery jargon and empty promises. Our sales representatives have become trusted consultants for prospective clients and partners. Here, employees exemplify great character and develop strong communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills that assure long-term growth and success within the company and beyond.

Our sale representatives do more than just provide payment solutions. Often times they serve as financial advisors informing our merchant partners about cost savings, avoiding financial penalties, assisting with risk mitigation strategies, developing better marketing tactics and analytics, and maximizing their ROI with the right payment strategies and tools. This requires much more than a friendly face and a great introductory pitch. Our sales team is tremendously dedicated to making sure they are in the know in the payments space. Our sales team is always ahead of the curve, providing innovative payment solutions that work for our small business partners.

It’s important to emphasize that our sales representatives see the large-scale picture. They maintain long-term

relationships with their clients while forging partnerships with new ones. They see the benefit and importance of having long-term partnerships and are committed to staying in the trenches to build and enhance the value of our partners for years to come. This is what makes our team payment champions. Our merchant partners have stuck by us because they quickly realize that they are more than quota numbers.

“Our account manager reviews our fees and charges on a regular basis in order to provide us with the best possible rates, in a market with broad fluctuations. They are transparent and make us feel like their business partner, rather than just a customer,” says Pam owner of Swirlz Cupcakes.

Our team thrives not only from expert training but having a constant flow of support from fellow sales team members who want to see maximized potential across the board. With guidance, persistence, and the right resources our sales representatives know that they are making the greatest impact in the workspace and in the payments realm. We are lucky to have enthusiastic and energized sales people who enjoy what they do and enjoy working with TransNational.

“This is a great place to work. Great team spirit and really feels like a big family. We work hard but celebrate success. Employees have the opportunity to grow and learn new skill sets. Strong leaders make it a positive experience to come to work each day,” said a TransNational Account Manager.

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-Jae Haas, President of TransNational Payments

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