Increasing Your Cash Flow, Chip Cards & More

5 Ways Your Business Can Boost Cash Flow

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase revenue. One imperative way to increase cash flow is to ensure equipment and software is fully up to date. Having old equipment not only decreases productivity, but can also drain financial resources. This goes hand-in-hand with consistent and accurate inventory checks. Businesses lose over $200 billion on excess inventory. Learn about other ways your business can thrive financially.
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Are You Behind on the Chip Card Movement?

According to Visa, there are over 147 million chip cards (EMV) circulated amongst the population. There are also 1.1 million merchants who are able to accept chip cards as payments. Since the introduction of chip cards in Oct. 2015 there has been a significant decrease in fraud and chargebacks. Having a chip card accessible terminal is a crucial step in protecting your business’ assets.
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QuickBooks Announces Some New Changes

Following mobile trends, QuickBooks has made it possible for users to access multiple company accounts via the Android app. This new feature allows users to remain logged in as they switch from one account to the next. Learn more about how QuickBooks is continuing to innovate for small business owners.
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