3 Essential Things Freelancers Need to Get Paid

Processing For Freelancers

You’ve tasted the freedom of working in your pajamas until noon. You have the flexibility to work on your schedule, on your own terms. You know relief of being home with your kids for dinner and homework time, while securing a viable means of income. But what happens when your client forgets your invoice? Freelancing has taken the world by storm and over 53 million creatives, stay-at-home parents, innovators, and freedom seekers are forging the way for a whole new work style. Whether you’re just starting your freelancing journey or in the middle of a payments chase, these three tools will give you everything you need to ensure your payments arrive on schedule.

  1. A Payment Gateway Link on Your Website

Make your life easier by having your clients login to a secure payment portal and knock out their invoices in just a matter of clicks. You’ll have detailed reports for you to inventory your project flow, file your taxes, and review the volume you process. Also, this provides your clients a convenient way to handle their payment without making you chase down a lost check.

  1. Automatic Invoicing and Reminders

Even though a couple clicks isn’t too much effort, we know that people are still prone to forgetting. Mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems have integrative features to send invoices and reminders automatically. By automating your payment process you’ll create an easy-to-track paper trail and avoid the headache of back and forth email conversations.

  1. Have a Mobile Swiper for Client Meetings

Are you having a wrap-up meeting with a client? Get a mobile swiper that will sync to your laptop or smartphone. This makes payments easy, quick and gives you and your clients peace of mind.

If you’re a freelancer seeking to break free from the hassle of chasing payments, feel free to speak with one of our experts. Continue to do business your way, on your terms.