Mobile Credit Card Processing: How Small Business Owners Benefit

Hand holding a smartphone with TransNational Payments mobile payments app and card reader

Whether you're just starting a small business or looking to continue building upon your current foundation, mobile credit card processing can help you get to the next stage in your journey. Here are some of the benefits mobile credit card processing provides for small business owners:

Access to Synchronized Reports

Between interacting with customers and planning a growth strategy, life of a small business owner can get busy. That’s why it’s important to have readily available, up-to-date insights that can help you stay on the path to success. Mobile payments helps you maintain your inventory, analyze customer behavior and do virtually everything when it comes to managing transactions, from generating receipts to issuing refunds. And with the power of mobile, you can do it from anywhere: at your office, in your home and even on the beach.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

As a small business owner, your success is directly linked to your reputation, which hinges on keeping your customers satisfied, especially if you want to turn them into repeat clients. Mobile payments helps accomplish this by leveraging existing technology. “Digital can make for a more convenient consumer experience given nearly every consumer uses a smartphone," says Alfred Kelly, CEO of Visa. Faster and more seamless solutions like NFC mobile payments are taking off, and customers, especially the younger demographics, expect businesses to keep up with the times. Beating your competitors to the punch by catering to the preferences of these consumers can position you as a forward-thinking small business owner and win you a great deal of customer loyalty.

Enhanced Transaction Security

Small businesses are often one of the most popular targets for fraud, considering the outdated technology many of them rely upon for payment processing. But it’s not just the time or effort wasted on fighting chargebacks that causes the biggest damage — fraud can have heavy financial implications, to the point of forcing owners to go out of business. Mobile credit card processing from TransNational Payments matches the latest security guidelines, including EMV and PCI standards. We even have resources for developers that can help you process transactions faster, both in-store and online.

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