How Mobile Credit Card Processing Is Transforming HVAC Companies


HVAC professionals are constantly on the move, closing out job orders, following up on scheduled appointments and looking for new clients. Every day seems busier than the next and that doesn’t leave much time for paperwork back at the office. But what if we told you there’s something that can help you to not only create more time, but also eliminate unnecessary paperwork altogether? We are talking about mobile credit card processing and here are some of the key features that are taking the HVAC industry by storm:

Real-Time Processing

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to HVAC companies. Generating invoices and waiting for customers to pay them might be a tried-and-true method, but did you know that according to the data from Honeywell the invoice repayment time lag can be anywhere between 4 and 22 days? This can become problematic when you are dealing with pressings expenses required to keep your own business running. Mobile credit card processing helps speed up the repayment process by letting HVAC professionals accept payments right away, while also managing past transactions from the same device.

Personalized Settings

Previously mentioned Honeywell research also cites a study done by the Aberdeen group, which determined that enhancing traditional invoicing procedures with mobile payments helped firms grow their service revenues by 21 percent. The most impressive part is that this study was conducted back in 2011 and mobile credit card processing has made great strides since then, especially in terms of security. EMV, which is the technology behind chip cards, has made credit card transactions safer through the use of encryption, and every quality mobile payments solution comes equipped with it. 

Accessible Inventory

Another perk of using a mobile credit card processing solution is intuitive inventory management. A mobile payments app on your phone or tablet provides an updated inventory listing, eliminating the need to print price lists or call to check what is available in stock. Each item’s name, SKU, price, tax and quantity can be easily edited and synched across all connected devices, helping HVAC professionals at your company always have the most up-to-date information.

TransNational Payments specializes in working with HVAC companies across the U.S. and is always available to supply the best mobile credit card processing for your business.

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