Are All Payment Processing Companies the Same? What Should I Look For?

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The decision to accept credit cards at your business is a major step toward generating greater revenue and improving customer satisfaction. It involves several important choices that can make or break your credit card processing experience. One of them is selecting your merchant services provider.

It might seem easy to just go with your bank or whoever promises you the best rate, but the truth is that banks don’t do credit card processing (they simply outsource it to their preferred payment processing company) and low rates may only be low temporarily. For best results, always look for top credit card processing companies that offer:


Payment processing has many moving parts that require any number of features, depending on the individual needs of your business. That’s why in this industry, like no other, you should seek out honest and transparent merchant services providers that will put you in the best position possible. It’s best to start your search online and look for high reviews from reputable sites like Google Reviews and the Better Business Bureau.


When it comes to payment processing, your money and your customers’ card data are at stake. Don’t risk exposing either of them to scammers — find a company that provides the latest security. TransNational Payments offers not only essential PCI compliance and EMV capability, but also advanced payment options, like mobile payments, that are among the most secure solutions on the market today.


As with many things in life, strong compatibility can be a great sign of future success. Always look for a merchant services provider that offers solutions compatible with your existing equipment, such as your POS system. This will help make your transition smooth by significantly reducing the time and costs associated with it.

Choosing a payment processing company can be a stressful process, especially if you’ve had a bad experience in the past. At TransNational Payments we understand that, which is exactly why we choose to operate on a full disclosure basis. Join thousands of happy merchants and get the payment processing experience you deserve.

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