7 Reasons To Upgrade Your Point-of-Sale System

Point-of-sale system under TransNational Payments logo

What do red wine, cheddar cheese, fine leather and cast iron pans have in common? They all get better with age. Unfortunately, your point-of-sale (POS) system isn’t included on this list. Like most things, it’s not built to last forever, so eventually it has to give way to a newer and more efficient version of itself. And there are plenty of reasons for you to make this happen:

Omnichannel Payments

Gone are the days when people are limited to settling transactions by cash or check. Today, your customers want the convenience of paying online or with their mobile wallets, which is something your business can offer only by upgrading to proper equipment.

Intuitive Software

Slow connection, buggy interface and a lack of customization can all be frustrating to you as a merchant. Investing in new software, on the other hand, will simplify your life and make coveted omnichannel payment processing a reality.

Latest Hardware

There’s no point in getting new software if you’re not going to upgrade the hardware that hosts it. Majority of recent platforms aren’t compatible with old POS models, so you won’t get to enjoy all of their features. Scrapping your legacy model in favor of something more recent can help you not only avoid this but also save money down the road.

Diverse Features

Speaking of features, the latest point-of-sale systems have plenty of them to go around. For example, POS systems from TransNational Payments offer e-commerce integration, real-time inventory tracking, detailed customer insights and support for gift cards and loyalty programs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Advanced Security

Safe payment processing should be a top priority for any business. After all, it’s not just your money that’s at stake but also your reputation among your customers. New POS systems tend to be EMV-ready and capable of storing cardholder data in accordance with PCI requirements.

Safe Cloud Storage

One of the core elements of PCI compliance has to do with protecting cardholder data, which is much simpler to do when using a cloud-based POS system. This type of device doesn’t store sensitive information on a physical server, but rather relies on a safer and more agile online space. This makes thwarting potential fraud and cyberattacks a lot more manageable.

Efficient Management

A major benefit of a POS system over a credit card terminal is its ability to simplify staff management. Newer devices make employee time tracking easier, while at the same time giving you control over who can access the system and when.

Now that you have enough reasons to upgrade your POS system, it’s time to take a closer look at how to select one. Want to make the switch today? TransNational Payments' experts are here to help!

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