3 Ways Food Trucks Can Accept Any Payment Type


The food truck industry is thriving thanks to one simple truth: The only thing better than enjoying your favorite food is having the food come to you. Unfortunately, great pizza, tacos or doughnuts alone don’t guarantee long-term success for your venture. The popularity and profitability of your food truck highly depends on your ability to accept a wide range of payment types. 

Here are 3 payment processing solutions that let your food truck accept any payment type, on or off the menu:

1. Mobile Payments 

We’ve established that time is a valuable thing at your food truck business, but what about space? Between stovetop, sinks and kitchen counters, you might not even have a place to comfortably position your POS system.

If that’s the case, then consider something you may already be carrying with you wherever you go — your smartphone or tablet. All it takes is a card reader and a mobile payments app to turn most smartphones or tablets into a fully functioning credit card processing device, perfect for food trucks. In addition, mobile payments are a secure but low-cost solution, allowing you to accept EMV chip cards and NFC payments.

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2. Point-of-Sale System 

Operating a food truck business can get hectic. You and your team have to balance food orders, market yourself, book events, pay taxes and comply with constantly changing food truck laws. You may not have enough time to devote to figuring out the best payment processing solution for your food truck.

Luckily, the right point-of-sale (POS) system empowers you to both automate and personalize your payment experience. From easier inventory management and sales analysis to essentials like receipt generation, signature capture and tipping, you'll be able to manage your food truck's operations in one place.

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3. Payment Gateway

Just like brick-and-mortar restaurants, many food trucks offer gift cards, catering services and merchandise on their websites. Some food trucks are even beginning to offer online pre-ordering and creating "express lanes" to help manage the lunchtime rush and cut down on long lines, wait times and time spent taking orders.

To add payment capabilities to your website — and start offering any of the above — you'll need a payment gateway! A payment gateway for food trucks is yet another inexpensive way to improve cash flow. You'll also have access to a virtual terminal, so you can key in or swipe credit cards, take orders over the phone and process ACH transactions from any computer or device with an internet connection.

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Bonus: Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

If you have customers who really enjoy visiting your food truck, they may be inclined to share their great experience with others. Gift cards make it simple for them do so. They also give your business free advertising — each time the recipient opens their wallet, they’ll see your food truck logo among their other cards.

And, of course, don’t forget to thank your loyal patrons for their business. In addition to gift cards, TransNational Payments supports loyalty programs that help you manage rewards, discounts and more!

Whether it’s the freedom of running your very own business, interest in sharing unique recipes with others or the desire to make a living by following your culinary passion, we’re here to support you on your journey to success. Discover how TransNational Payments helps business owners like you to keep on trucking!

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